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Perhaps the only surviving expression of Adwick Uniform

As every other CQD site before the UK referendum this website uses a CSS style sheet based on the former Adwick School’s uniform. The style sheet is still retained on the Archive for the Yorkshire Viking Blog and on this memorial site. If you are a former Adwick School pupil and would like to use the WordPress theme for your own blog, do get in touch!

My personal twin blogs have now dropped the Adwick Theme. The reasons for this are explained on the Archive for the Yorkshire Viking page.

Monthly Archives: March 2013

Changes to Sister Blog (CQD)

The sister blog, CQD, has not been affected by the changes to its English twin. However, from today, the link to CQD should only work in Norway.

I do not anticipate this will affect a great many people. The sister blog is intended for Norwegians. However, if you are Norwegian, and live or work abroad, contact “support” in the lobby, and it is possible a work around can be arranged.

Adwick School Now In Archive

It was always my plan to move the Adwick story into the archive. Originally this was going to happen after Easter. Now that Yorkshire Viking Norway has been completely rebuilt and redesigned, I have now done so.

The Adwick School story was the main story in this blog from the late Summer of 2011, when it became obvious that what was my old school was going to be demolished. I thought that the academy, which has now succeeded my old school, would move into its new school buildings in the new year – but this turned out to be last week. Now is the right time to draw the line over the matter.

Everything that has been written on the story is still available here. You can find it by clicking on the “archive” tab. In addition, since the CQD Norwegian blog will now only be available in Norway, the one (English translation) about Adwick School will be transferred here.


The Famous Rebuild

Outwood Academy Adwick

The new Outwood Adwick Academy. This is what has replaced my old school.

Give everyone the honour due. I couldn’t ever have imagined that the pupils of Adwick School, when that still existed before 2002, would once have waited hours before the school day was to begin – just to be the first to see their wonderful new building! Nevertheless that is what they did when Outwood Academy Adwick opened its doors.

According to the Doncaster Star demolition of my old school has begun. However my source tells me that so far only fences have been erected to keep out curious members of the public. As I have intimated many times now, it is an odd feeling knowing that one’s childhood world is being razed to the ground. Nevertheless I think I shall actually be glad when it is done.

Despite my nostalgia for Adwick School all the pictures I have received during these final months have shown a very dilapidated place. There is some disagreement amongst us former pupils about whether the main building, which used to be the Percy Jackson Grammar were “crumbling” – as reported by the paper. Yet though I should concede their essential point of contention, that it is the other school buildings (our old senior wing) that are beyond repair, looking at the photographs has shown me that whatever else one may say about it – the entire place has become old.

The thing that struck me, looking at those photographs, was a certain “atmosphere”. That can surely never be good for children or education. The buildings are the architectural expression of another time, and no amount of paint would change that. One has to remember that when I was a child, that same “atmosphere” was one of excitement, of newness, and being at the very start of ones life. The buildings have grown old (as I have too), and they simply are not what I remember then.

Consequently I think that my original reasoning still holds. Though they were not going to be destroyed, they are not the school that we former Adwick School pupils attended. Our school has been lost in time. I think it is therefore going to be quite healthy when we are all finally allowed to draw a line. Ghosts of the past do us no good; and for today’s children, it is much better that they can be freed from an environment where those still haunt.

The reaction of the pupils to their new school demonstrates how necessary – and right – the rebuild is. I shall never forget my school, but today’s young people have every right to be in awe. I wish Outwood Academy Adwick every success.

A Brighter Dawn Is Breaking

You notice it every day. It is lighter.

bright sun

The bright morning sunshine outside where I live.

In three weeks, we shall no longer have the honour of having shorter days than most other people – for let us face it not many people live in the Arctic North. As incredible as it seems, we shall have longer days. Indeed within five weeks, the night will be vanishing altogether!

I cannot help but make comparisons with the new day for the community in which I grew up. What was my school has finally been closed, and demolition has already begun. Perhaps I should say that it has according to the local paper; one of my sources in Woodlands and Adwick informs me that the only thing done so far is the erection of fences to keep away the curious public. Nevertheless the old has now passed as surely as our Polar Night.


Norway gets lighter and brighter. The Equinox is near.

As amazing as the 24 hour daylight here, the news that there children lined up outside their new school several hours before their first school day began – just so they could be the first to get a glimpse of their new school. Pupils were amazed at the freshness, newness and cleanness of the building. Such a positive response, it must be said, is a credit to the successor school, and says a lot; sadly it also says a lot that ours could not command such adoring praise.

Nevertheless, what is new to them will one day be old. The worn out buildings that are now coming down were as exciting to me, in my day, as the new school is to today’s generation. Seeing the pictures of those old buildings that have been sent to me this last year confirms only one thing: the world I knew has long since gone. I do not want to remember Adwick School as an old building that is tired, but for that equally exciting brighter dawn of life it once represented.

Lødingen town

Houses bask in the bright sunshine and snow.

I meanwhile can thank the Lord for the beauty of the nature around me, and the day that is today…. and the time that is now.