A Memorial Site
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Perhaps the only surviving expression of Adwick Uniform

As every other CQD site before the UK referendum this website uses a CSS style sheet based on the former Adwick School’s uniform. The style sheet is still retained on the Archive for the Yorkshire Viking Blog and on this memorial site. If you are a former Adwick School pupil and would like to use the WordPress theme for your own blog, do get in touch!

My personal twin blogs have now dropped the Adwick Theme. The reasons for this are explained on the Archive for the Yorkshire Viking page.

Lamenting In A Muse


Lamenting Upon A Muse

Why could no-one see?
Why also did not we,
when you were in your greatest hour,
at that zenith of your power,
whom your purpose was to serve?
Neglected so, we both deserve,
this sad day,
your decay;
to see your buildings beyond mend,
and witness now your sorry end.

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