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Perhaps the only surviving expression of Adwick Uniform

As every other CQD site before the UK referendum this website uses a CSS style sheet based on the former Adwick School’s uniform. The style sheet is still retained on the Archive for the Yorkshire Viking Blog and on this memorial site. If you are a former Adwick School pupil and would like to use the WordPress theme for your own blog, do get in touch!

My personal twin blogs have now dropped the Adwick Theme. The reasons for this are explained on the Archive for the Yorkshire Viking page.

Ruins of A Lost World

The old Adwick Logo

The Old School Logo and Colours

Readers of my English blog must surely have noticed one issue dominating recent posts. The school I went to in Great Britain is going to be demolished!

It is called Outwood Academy Adwick, but in my time was simply called Adwick School. In 2002 the school had just come out of special measures, and the name was changed. It was then called the North Doncaster Technology College. Two years ago it changed its name yet again – to the name the school has today.

Last year there was such a controversy over plans for this new school that even I got to hear about the matter here (in Norway). That happened when I was reading Doncaster news on the Internet. They were going to raise a whole new school building, and as if that were not enough, the old one was going to be completely demolished! Needless to say this caused no small stir among previous pupils (note: Adwick School was called Percy Jackson Grammar previous to 1968).

Those protests did not succeed, and the plans were approved. The work began and since then things have proceeded very rapidly. The new school buildings are now almost complete, and in not so many days they will be moving out of the old school. My school’s days are therefore now numbered.

Today’s academy has just published pictures of the new construction, showing its situation in relationship together with the old. I can see that the new school is very good. It is of course built for the needs of today, whereas that I went to is from another time. I must acknowledge this shows.

Nevertheless I do feel some emotion when I look at these pictures. This is the place I was once a boy, and it was here my world was then so new! As I now see the tired old and quite dilapidated buildings (especially the old senior wing), which in those days were not old and dilapidated – I see that really a world has passed.

That is what this matter boils down to: not just that I have grown old, but that that world to which my internal compass needle yet points, now has gone forever. These pictures show the last ruins of that forgotten time. Soon those too shall be forever gone.